Easy Fried Rice Recipe


6 US
  • 3 cups cold leftover cooked rice
  • 12-1 cup oleo
  • 1 medium onion (chopped)
  • 2 stalks celery (chopped)
  • 2 carrots (diced)
  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • 3 eggs (beaten)
  • 1412 cup soy sauce (to taste)
  • pepper
  1. Melt oleo in large non-stick skillet.
  2. Add onion, celery, and carrots.
  3. Saute until onions are transparent and carrots are crisp tender, about 5 minutes.
  4. Add peas and cook one minute more until peas are thawed.
  5. Push veggies to one side of skillet.
  6. Scramble eggs in empty side of skillet after the oleo spreads from veggies.
  7. Mix eggs into veggies and season with pepper.
  8. Add soy sauce.
  9. Then slowly mix in rice by the spoonful until all rice is added and all ingredients are well blended.
  10. Fry until steamy hot stirring often.

Best Places For Travel

Be astonished by the decorative design of Spain's Alhambra

  •  1. Be astonished by the decorative design of Spain’s Alhambra
  • Eat fresh sushi at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market
  • Sea kayak with orcas in British Columbia
  • Stand at the top of the Pic du Midi
  • Get lost in Venice


11 Health Myths That May Surprise You

It’s a fun read, and chances are you will stumble across several medical myths you’ve always believed. Here are a few medical myths that may surprise you:

1. Cold weather makes you sick. In studies of cold transmission, people who are chilled are no more likely to get sick than those who were not. It may be that cold weather keeps people indoors, where germs are more likely to catch up with you.

2. Green mucus indicates a sinus infection. The importance of mucus color is a medical myth even doctors believe, the authors say. “There is no evidence…that antibiotics shorten the duration of an illness when green snot is a symptom,” they write.

3. You lose most of your body heat through your head. There is nothing special about the head and heat loss. You will lose heat through any uncovered body part.

4. Milk makes you phlegmy. In a study of 330 patients, nearly two out of three believed milk increases phlegm production. But it’s not true. In one experiment, volunteers were infected with the cold virus, and some of them drank a lot of milk as well. The weight of the nasal secretions did not increase in those who drank more milk, nor was it associated with cough or congestion.

5. Cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis. Knuckle-crackers are no more likely to have arthritis than those who don’t make annoying popping sounds with their fingers.

6. Birth control pills don’t work as well with antibiotics. A review of the literature concluded that common antibiotics don’t affect birth control pills. “It is much more important to take your birth control pill every day at the same time than to spend time worrying about your antibiotics,” the authors write.

7. Singles have better sex lives than married people. You may think your bachelor friends are having all the fun, but single people also go through a lot of dry spells when they aren’t dating anyone. The result — married people typically have more sex in a given year than single people. In one survey, 43 percent of married men reported having sex two to three times per week, compared to only 26 percent of single men. The numbers were slightly lower but similar for women. Married people are also more likely to have orgasms and give and receive oral sex.

8. Sugar makes kids hyper. Numerous studies show sugar doesn’t affect behavior, but most parents don’t believe this. In one study, parents were told their kids had sugar and they were more likely to report problem behavior — but in reality, the kids had consumed a sugar-free drink.

9. You should poop at least once a day. A half-truth, say the authors. Regular bowel movements prevent discomfort and constipation, but a perfectly healthy person may not move their bowels every day. Constipation is defined as having fewer than three stools per week.

10. It’s okay to double dip in the chip dip. In one study, scientists took a bite of cracker and then dipped it into salsa, cheese dip, chocolate syrup and water. They did the same test with a fresh, unbitten cracker. Then they measured bacteria in the dips and the volunteers’ mouths. On average, three to six double dips transferred about 10,000 bacteria from the eater’s mouth to the dip. And each cracker picked up between one and two grams of dip. Salsa picked up the most germs from double dipping.

11. Food quickly picked up from the floor is safe to eat. Scientists have put the commonly-cited five-second rule to the test. They found that food that comes into contact with a tile or wood floor does pick up large amounts of bacteria. Food doesn’t pick up many germs when it hits carpet, but it does pick up carpet fuzz.

6 Things You Must Know About Money and Happiness

Here are six facts that may surprise you—and tips on how to live the good life, no matter how much you’ve got.

Don’t sweat the six-figure job

“There is definitely a correlation between income and happiness,” says Dunn. “But actually, money buys less happiness than people assume.” And in some ways, it buys happiness only up to a certain point: A 2010 Princeton University study found that emotional well-being—defined by the frequency of emotions like joy, anger, affection, and sadness—tended to rise with salary, but only up to about $75,000. Beyond that, people continued to rate their lives as more satisfying, but they didn’t seem to experience any more happiness on a day-to-day basis.

Spend on experiences, not things

Material goods may last longer, but a 2014 San Francisco State University study shows that life experiences—like trips, fancy dinners, and spa treatments—provide more satisfaction in the long run. Researchers interviewed volunteers before and after they made purchases of both types, and found that afterward, most people viewed the intangibles as a better use of money. However, they add, an experience has to fit a person’s personality in order to have benefit; someone who doesn’t like show tunes, for example, probably won’t see the value in a Broadway play.

Donate to charity

Giving to people or organizations in need “has a direct correlational effect on happiness that is basically equivalent to a doubling of household income,” says Dunn, citing research from a Gallup World Poll. How you give matters, too, she says: You’ll get more of an emotional reward by supporting groups you feel closely connected to, or when a close friend asks for your help. (In other words, accept that Ice Bucket Challenge already—the giving money part, at least!)

Pay it off early

“The pleasure of consumption can be dragged down by the pain of having to pay for it,” says Dunn. One way to get around that? Put money down for things as early as you can, even if you won’t actually experience them for a while—book trips months in advance, pre-order books and albums you’re excited about, or purchase credit for a service you can redeem at a later date. “Research shows that what lies in the future is much more emotionally evocative than what lies in the past,” she adds. “If we paid for something last year, it’s almost like our brain forgets we ever spent money on it.”

Give thoughtful gifts

When money gets tight, it may seem wasteful to splurge on presents and tokens of affection—but Dunn’s research shows that spending money on others, especially a loved one, is one of the happiest things you can do with your money. (In one study, people who had been asked to spend $5 on someone else felt better at the end of the day than those who’d been asked to spend it on themselves.) It’s the thought that counts, too: Both givers and receivers are happier when a gift is a good fit for the recipient’s personality.

Use a debit, not credit card

Being in debt is negatively associated with happiness, and is linked to health problems such as depression and anxiety. It may be hard to avoid all forms of debt, but one way to keep from falling deeper into it is to make everyday purchases with debit accounts, rather than charging them. “Debit cards are way happier plastic,” says Dunn. “They provide a lot of the same conveniences as credit cards, but don’t have the same long-term problems associated with them.”

8 email etiquette tips you must know

8 email etiquette tips you must know
We’ve been sending emails for al most two decades now. You might think that we are pretty late on this feature, but there are a lot us who don’t know much about composing an email that will actually be read and acted upon. A step-by-step reckoner…
To, CC and BCC, it all begins here

To is for the individual (or set of individuals) who is required to act on the email, CC (carbon copy) is for those who have to be kept in the loop, but are not required to act on it, or even acknowledge the receipt of the email; and bcc (blind carbon copy) is for sending the same email to people whose identities you don’t intend to disclose to the people in the To and CC field. For example: If A wants B to delegate a job to C, B will write an email to C and cc A. However, if A doesn’t want C to know that A is part of this development, B will bcc A.

Subject Line

The subject is the dodgiest part of composing an email as it decides whether the receiver will junk your email, read it later or open it instantly. So, keep the subject direct and noticeable. However, in an attempt to do this, don’t write spam-worthy subjects like “Open Me”, “Read it”, “Hi”.Examples of good subjects are “Urgent meeting at 3 pm”, “Attn: Quarterly result”, “Notice: New Rules for attendance”. See Box above for more.

Body of the copy

Make a courteous opening and closing: Since you are not God, and it doesn’t hurt to be warm, don’t just jump to the purpose of the email directly.

Spell the names correctly

And never use Mr, Mrs, Ms with first name. For example, if the receiver’s name is Jon Snow, address him as Mr Snow and not Mr Jon. If you are not sure about the gender of the receiver, politely ask if you would like them to be addressed as Mr, Mrs, Ms. If you think, it’s easy to guess the gender by the name, it’s not.There are a lot of gender neutral and confusing names in this world. For example, the writer of this article knows a man called Dimple Kalra, Kim is quite a popular name for men in Korea (and it has nothing to do with the Supreme Leader) and Shawn is also a popular name for the ladies. So, just be careful.

Don’t beat around the bush

Remember, emails are not meant to read like a three-part Fifty Shades of Grey, so keep it short and simple. The body should, one, clearly explain what you want from the receiver; two, it should be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes; three, have proper spacing between the lines and lastly, should have the right tone, so choose your words very carefully. In case, you are confused about the tone of the email, just read it aloud before sending, it really works.

Closing the email
It’s important to properly close an email. `Warm regards’, `Thank you for your time’, `Sincerely yours’, `Looking forward to hearing from you’ – whatever you use, make sure it’s consistent with the tone of the message. For example, there is no point sending a stinker to a subordinate with a `sincerely yours’ closure, until and unless you don’t want the entire email to read like a bloated oxymoron.

Include proper signature
Technically, your signature should mention everything that’s written on your visiting card, so when in doubt, go by this thumb rule.

Sending an email
Don’t send the email as soon as you are done typing it, take your time, check the email for errors or incomplete information, and then send it. And never write an email if you are angry or not experiencing the right set of emotions. You might want to say “Get Lost” as a reply to your boss’s stinker, but that doesn’t mean you will actually say it, chances of which are high if you reply instantly. Yes, if even an hour later, you feel your boss is a jerk, feel free to write whatever you want to.


Do You Need Colocation Web Hosting?

There are numerous varieties of web facilitating offered in the business today. Among the lesser known sort will be colocation web facilitating. The reason being that it is generally just utilized by extensive organizations that have a ton of information and adequate stores to manage the cost of such a sort of facilitating arrangement. This facilitating arrangement gives abundant storage room that is much more than it is offered by some other sorts of Web Hosting India facilitating arrangements. On top of that, they likewise give one of the best efforts to establish safety to secure it against programmers, infection, and so forth. With such phenomenal components, it will actually mean it accompanies an altogether greater sticker. In spite of the fact that it may have its focal points, collocation web facilitating has its shortcomings too.

Tight security is one of this present arrangement’s best favorable circumstances over whatever other facilitating arrangements offered as it offers first class security to its clients. It accompanies a finish 24 hours checking framework outfitted with cutting edge components to guarantee any issues will be recognized immediately. It accompanies a proficient wind current framework to keep up the correct temperatures and also keeping any dust develop. In the occasion any flame were available, there are flame identifiers introduced to guarantee the flame will put out as quickly as time permits before any serious harm is finished. As it accompanies such expand security highlights, it likewise implies it will be all the more exorbitant to utilize this type of facilitating.

The expense of utilizing collocation SEO Services in Mumbai facilitating is likewise higher in light of the fact that clients need to have their own web server. Support of the server will likewise be finished by the clients all alone. They will need to locate their own specialized backing and staff who could help with the server organization. The upkeep should be possible by either employed assistance from master organizations or it should be possible by the clients themselves on the off chance that they know how to. Besides, they give fabulous round the clock client support. They will arrive to alter any issues or offer exhortation whenever of the day. This could end up being extremely useful particularly when consistently your site is flawed could cost you the loss of a huge number of dollars.

Taking everything into account, this type of web facilitating in spite of the fact that it gives phenomenal storage room and security, it is not implied for everybody. As it obliges an extensive total of accounts to keep up it long haul, it will be more qualified for expansive organizations. People or littler Data Hosting organizations may not require the same level of security or web space and could decide on less expensive web facilitating arrangements.

The World’s Largest Pizza Ever in South Africa

According the keepers of human history over at the Guinness World Records, the largest circular pizza ever baked weighed was made in Norwood, South Africa by Norwood Hypermarket on December 8, 1990. It weighed 26,883 pounds.

The data is a bit sketchy, but here are relevant numbers: The pizza measured 122 feet, 8 inches in diameter, weighed 26,883 pounds, and contained 9,920 pounds of flour, 3,960 pounds of cheese, 1 763 pounds of mushrooms, 1,984 pounds of tomato puree, and 1,984 pounds of chopped tomatoes.

World’s Tallest Pancake Stack

Pancake Stack
In a bid to celebrate Pancake Day in the only way they know how, staff from TV channel Food Network UK have created the world’s tallest stack of pancakes. And why not.

The impressive pancake tower took over 13 hours to produce and required a whopping 253 eggs, 11lbs of flour and over 26 pints of milk.

After the hours of hard work they were lest with 725 pancakes which were stacked into a 32 inch high tower to break the current record.

Should you fancy setting pancake-based record yourself when you get home, the highest pancake flip currently stands at 9.17m, the largest pancake measured 15m long and the most pancakes eaten in 1 hour by an individual is 855. Good luck.

Nick Thorogood, of Food Network UK said: “One of the greatest aspects of British Food is its tradition and the celebration of events such as Pancake Day.

“We wanted to celebrate this year’s Pancake Day with something a little different and what better way than to create a giant stack of pancakes!

“Needless to say the team at the Food Network UK headquarters are going to have their fill by the end of the day!”

Longest Sausage in the World Made in Italy

The 594-metre long sausage took ten cooks from Penne, a small town in the centre of the country, three hours to craft.

Made in Italy: Longest sausage in the world

More than half a tonne of meat – weighing exactly 1,300 lbs – was used to stuff the skin for the longest-ever sausage, which was produced in the main street.

It was officially measured at 597.8m and was declared to have easily beaten the previous Romanian record-holder, whose sausage was only 392m in length, according to the Guinness Book of Records.The giant sausage was cut up into 7,000 ordinary-sized bangers, stuffed in sandwiches and sold to the spectators to raise money for local charity Caritas.

Head chef Alberto Della Pelle said: ‘We are very proud to have created a new world record with such delicious food.’

Italy’s getting something of a reputation for smashing culinary world records – in 2008 the town of Mottola, Puglia, produced in the world’s largest flat bread focaccia pizza, covering 297 square metres.

And, in 2004, Mottola made the world’s longest sandwich, which spanned 634.5 metres in length.

World’s longest sandwich set Guinness World Record by UAE Red Crescent and Kraft Food

The UAE Red Crescent and Kraft Foods are getting ready to make the world’s longest sandwich and enter it in the Guinness Book of World Records replacing the current title-holder sandwich of 2,000 metres long. The sandwich will be created on 7 October 2012.

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“The longest sandwich in the world will use more than half a ton of cream cheese and 10,000 bread nuggets, 625 kgs of tomatoes, 250 kgs of cucumber and olive. Over 100 employees of Kraft Foods will work for more than four hours to make 10,000 sandwiches, which will encircle the Outlet Mall,” sources aware of the preparations told Emirates 24|7.

While it takes four hours to make 10,000 sandwiches, it will take another five hours for workers in select labour camps to eat the cream cheese sandwiches. The UAE Red Crescent has already identified the labour camps where the record making sandwiches will be distributed.

Kraft Foods and UAE Red Crescent will attempt to create history on October 7, at the Outlet Mall between 12-2 pm. As per the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest sandwich ever made in the world weighed 3,178 kgs.
According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest sandwitch was made in March 2005 by Wild Woodys Chill and Grill, in Michigan USA.

The Lung Association, Brockville, Canada made an omelet that weighed 2.95 tonnes at the Brockville Memorial Centre, Ontario, Canada on May 11, 2002.

The longest line of pizzas measured 476.7m and was achieved by Tamburino Restaurant (UK) at the Quedam Shopping Centre, Yeovil, UK, on 29 June 2008. The line consisted of 2,129 pizzas. The record attempt started at 6am and it took 10 hours to complete. All the pizzas were made from scratch including mixing the dough, making the bases and adding the toppings.

Using 1,000kg of ostrich meat and 700kg of chicken, a team of chefs in Iran created a 1,500m ostrich sandwich-setting the world record for the longest ostrich sandwich. Displayed at the International Food and Health Festival in Tehran, the 1,000 kgs mega meal took about five tonnes of different ingredients, including chicken meat and sauce as well as ostrich. More than 1,000 cooks laboured from early morning in Tehran’s Mellat Park to assemble the meat monster and it took two days to prepare the 1.4 tons of ostrich meat, chicken, mayonnaise, mushrooms, onions, garlic, spices and bread to make the 1.5km sandwich, which was eaten in minutes.

The Biggest Sausage at Potenza in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata

big sausage Italy

This small village in the southern province of Potenza is trying to become the latest Italian town to enter the Guinness Book of Records by producing what it hopes will be the world’s longest sausage.

According to the Rotonda town official responsible for tourism, Giuseppe Bonafine, butchers are already at work producing some 60-70 meters of sausage a day. By Saturday, the sausage should measure 450 meters, thus beating the record of 413 meters held by a town in the Sardinian province of Sassari.

The Advantages of Modern Technologies

It's difficult to imagine where technology will take us in the future.
Technology has taken unimaginable strides over the past couple of decades, affording people all around the world possibility, flexibility and, above all things, convenience in their everyday communication and overall lifestyle. It is ever-changing. Whether you’re sending a love letter, making a purchase, running a business, researching a paper, financing a house, getting in touch with your old college roommate or booking a flight to Fiji, it all comes down to one simple thing: the click of a mouse.

Social Networking

  • It’s possible in today’s world to reconnect with high school and college friends in a matter of minutes. Before the Internet came to be, it was nearly impossible to stay in touch. Unless you ran into them at your 10-year reunion, you had no idea where they were. Nowadays, in this growing culture of social networking, it’s nearly impossible not to know what they’ve had for dinner, not to mention where life has taken them. No matter how many miles stand between you, social networking has allowed both old and new friends to keep in touch from moment to moment.
    Social networking allows both old and new friends to keep in touch.
    Social networking allows both old and new friends to keep in touch.

Opportunities to Work From Home

  • The flexibility of working from home in your pajamas or from the beach in your bathing suit may be one of the most attractive advantages modern technology offers for some. Not only does it save you a long commute to the office, a ton of gas money and the inevitable stress of hitting rush hour traffic, but it buys you more time in the day to spend on more important matters like family and friends.
    Working from home buys you more time in your day.
    Working from home buys you more time in your day.

Convenience in Education

  • Getting an education is as simple these days as turning on your laptop and taking classes online. Although it’s not your traditional classroom, the kind housed with a roomful of students seated in wooden desks and a professor lecturing in the front of the room, it is nonetheless an effective alternative to a good education. Even though you may be curled up on your couch in the middle of the night with a hot mug of tea and your cat on your lap, you are, in fact, in the modern learning environment, earning your degree from home. Even high school classes are being offered online for students seeking summer school and degree programs.
    Earn an online degree from the comfort of your couch.
    Earn an online degree from the comfort of your couch.

Review: Skyrail Cableway, Cairns, Queensland

We travel the world for ten months a year searching for adventure and beauty. We found more than we had hoped in this land called “Down Under.” Australia is a land of huge contrasts, vast deserts that continue for thousands of miles. Oceans so blue your eyes can’t absorb their brilliance. Wildlife that exists no where else on the planet. The world’s largest reef, the Great Barrier Reef. The oldest rain forest, it actually touches the beach. Most of these phenomena’s of nature can be found near the charming town of Cairns Qld. There is much to do and see in this area of Australia, so plan for a lengthy stay. You’ll have the time of your life. We toured and highly recommend ballooning with “Hot Air cairns” & going to the barrier reefs with “Seahorse Cruises” to snorkel, dive and enjoy the sand islands. The city also boasts an Aboriginal Cultural Center. While you are in Cairns, there is one tour that you must do, ride the Skyrail through the world’s oldest rain forest. It floats you above the ancient forest at treetop levels and takes you back to the time when the world was untouched. The Skyrail has won many awards for its design in protecting these life giving rain forests, while still allowing the world to embrace their beauty. The Skyrail is owned and operated by a six generation Australian family that take pride in sharing the heritage that Mother Nature has given to us all. Ride the wind and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Traveler’s Digest toured this region of Australia for several months and fell in love with this raw beautiful land. We highly recommend Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef and soaring through the rain forest with the world’s safest and longest gondola….. The Skyrail

If you have ever had a dream to travel the world…… please do it! Life is precious and very short. It is a gift, so enjoy it!

Visit their website at www.skyrail.com.au

The Skyrail traveling over the rainforest from Kuranda to Cairns. Photo credit Kazuhiko Teramoto / Flickr CC.

The Skyrail traveling over the rainforest from Kuranda to Cairns. Photo credit Kazuhiko Teramoto / Flickr CC.

World’s Largest Meatball

No spaghetti needed. The Columbus Italian Club is currently the record holder of the World’s Largest Meatball. On October 8, 2011, the Club prepared the giant meatball during the St. John’s Italian Festival in Columbus, Ohio. The meat was handled by only seven members of the club, which included Fred Muccio, Mike DiCarlo, Jim Vergalitto, Bill Maselli, Rick Willimott, Chuck Nance and Joe Gigliotti. The final product, created in the Mr. Meatball kitchen owned by Paul Gulatta, weighed 1,110 lbs and was over 4 ft in diameter. According to Guinness World Records, the meat was constantly monitored while it was cooked to assure it was safe to eat. Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records via

About Modern Technology

Modern technology has revolutionized business and society worldwide.

Most people in the developed world live in an environment that is totally dominated by and interwoven with modern technology. We live in centrally heated houses that incorporate many high-tech materials, eat scientifically engineered food, travel at high speeds in motorized vehicles, and communicate to a greater and greater extent by electronic means. Technology is having a profound effect on the natural environment, on interpersonal dynamics, and on our minds. As it becomes ever more dominant, it becomes increasingly important to assess technology’s effects critically, and to understand both its benefits and its inherent dangers.


  • Although human beings have always used technology of one sort or another, “modern technology,” in the sense that the term is generally used, began with the Industrial Revolution in the mid-eighteenth century. This era saw a massive cultural shift away from hand- , community- and craft-based methods of production and toward centralized, depersonalized and automated means of manufacture. The second major shift toward the technological world that we live in today occurred with the advent of the transistor and computer technology in the mid-20th century.

Culture and Technology

  • The effect of technology on culture is so widespread that most people are not consciously aware of it. Because it is so present in every aspect of our lives, we tend to live inside of a technological matrix and give little thought to how it might be shaping our society and ourselves. Modern technology is the basis of rapid and easy transportation, global communication, preserved food and most medical intervention, all of which have a profound effect on our lives. These effects include multiculturalism, increased population, urbanization and a general shift away from family and cultural repetition toward a fast-paced, anonymous society.


  • It is difficult to overestimate the effect of computers on our world. The invention of the transistor in 1947 began a historical shift toward smaller, cheaper and more universal technology that in the coming years may transform the world beyond recognition. Today, with the ubiquity of computers, mobile telephones, pagers and satellite communications, true solitude is becoming a thing of the past. Human consciousness is networking itself ever more tightly into a global consciousness in which the smallest minutiae of a life become fodder for public discussion.


  • Modern technology has overcome many of the difficulties of human life. The invention of penicillin has prevented millions of deaths from disease and infection. Labor-saving machines do the drudgery that used to require the toil of thousands. Printing, distribution and electronic technologies have allowed books and information of all kinds to penetrate every level of society. For nearly anyone with the motivation to seek them, opportunities are present in far greater number than for most people of earlier times.


  • Every benefit has its price. The more blatant effects of technology are well known: The devastating assault on the natural world, climate change, the dangers of excessively processed food, poorly understood chemical hazards, and the social alienation that comes with huge cities and anonymous lives. In addition to these, there are the more subtle and little understood dangers that occur within the human mind. The increasing pace of contemporary life leads to stress and burnout, and the tidal wave of information that is entering people’s lives, if not properly managed, can lead to disorientation and despair.

Tips on where to Invest your Money in the Philippines?

Photo Credit

This week the Philippines got the third investment upgrade from Japan Credit Rating Agency Ltd. .  This was after the upgrade from Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s Rating Services.

There is so much hope for the Philippines.

This afternoon two friends of mine asked for help on how to invest in the Stock Market.  Due to these upgrades and other factors, the Philippine Stock Exchange Index continues to soar high. Even ordinary people have the chance to maximize the country’s good standing.  One of the opportunities is through the Stock Market.

Hence, it is good to invest in the Philippines.  But where to invest your money in this country?

What Is a Good Gym Routine?

What Is a Good Gym Routine?

If you are physically active, you have a lower risk of developing certain types of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Consistent weight-bearing exercise also strengthens your muscles and bones, helping to protect you from injuries. Adults should perform a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week along with at least two full-body strengthening workouts to maintain their weight. To lose weight, aim for 250 to 300 minutes each week.

Design For Optimal Health

To achieve two full-body workouts a week, split up your strength training sessions to target your upper or lower body. For instance, work your upper body on Mondays and Thursdays and your lower body on Tuesdays and Fridays. Do not work the same muscle groups two days in a row. Complete two or three sets of eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise during the workouts.

Before beginning your strength-training workouts, perform cardio exercise to warm up your muscles. Divide the minimum of 150 minutes of aerobic exercise between your four workout days by performing 40 minutes three days a week and 30 minutes one day.

Focusing the Cardio

Use cardio machines at your fitness facility to achieve at least the minimum recommended amount of aerobic exercise. Choose from walking, jogging or running on a treadmill, cycling on a stationary bicycle or using a stair climber or elliptical machine. Begin with a slow, steady pace, then work up to a comfortable aerobic workout that is challenging but not exhausting. Perform the “talk test” while exercising — talking to other gym-goers without gasping for air — to make sure you are working at a safe level. If you cannot carry on a conversation comfortably, lower the intensity and speed of the machine.

Working Your Upper Body

Use free weights or upper-body strength training machines — or a combination of the two — to target your shoulders, arms, chest, back and abdomen. Use dumbbells to perform biceps curls and military presses to target your arms and shoulders. Lie on a flat weight bench and perform bench presses with a barbell to work your chest. Strengthen your central back with reverse flies with two dumbbells. Work your abdomen with the bicycle move or Plank position.

If your fitness facility offers strength training machines for your upper body, you may find these machines to be helpful — especially if you are a beginner. Biceps curls, triceps extensions, chest presses, back rows and crunches all are possible on the appropriate strength-training machine. Ask a gym employee to instruct you on the proper use of this equipment to avoid injury.

Working Out The Lower Half

Work your thighs, glutes and hips with lunges and squats. Execute these exercises with dumbbells or a barbell or use your body weight as resistance. Calf raises on the edge of an aerobic step work your lower legs. Seated or standing calf-raise machines effectively mimic the traditional calf raise and provide an alternative. You also can work your thighs and hamstrings with a leg extension and leg curl machine, if available.

10 benefits of a good night’s sleep

How you feel when you wake up says a lot about the night you had and the day to come.

10 benefits of a good night's sleep

Here are 10 reasons why getting a good night’s shut eye will set you up for a brighter day.

Keep your figure

Watching your weight can be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can make you put on weight by drastically slowing your metabolism down, according to a study by scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden. The researchers suggested getting plenty of sleep might prevent weight gain.

You can concentrate better

We have all woken up after a good night’s sleep ready to take on the world. But IKEA’s Slumber Survey found one in three Australians rate their sleep as ‘poor’ to ‘terrible’. A bad night’s sleep can leave you struggling all day. More than half of us will have problems concentrating after sleeping badly, according to a survey by shopping channel QVC.

You’ll be in a great mood

Nearly two thirds of people blame lack of sleep when they feel irritable, according to the QVC survey.
IKEA spokesman Angela McCann says: “It’s unsurprising only 1% of those asked in the Slumber Survey claim to feel fantastic when they wake up. The lack of sleep and the ensuing tiredness is likely impacting on people’s judgment, problem-solving and creativity.”

You’ll look more attractive

Regular shut-eye actually makes you look healthier and more attractive, according to a 2010 study published in the British Medical Journal. Researchers photographed 23 people after a period of sleep deprivation and after a normal night’s sleep of eight hours. The photos were shown to 65 people who rated each photo based on health attractiveness and tiredness. The sleep deprived group scored lower in all three categories.

Ability to make better informed decisions

We’ve all heard of sleeping on a problem, in the hope that come morning the solution will be clear. Well scientists have found that when you do this your brain still looks for a solution, even when you’re asleep. Even if you don’t wake up with an answer, a good night’s sleep will equip your brain to assess the problem afresh.

You’ll live longer

Regularly sleeping less than you should is associated with a shorter lifespan, although it is not clear whether little sleep is the cause, or an effect of other illnesses. Studies have found people who routinely sleep for fewer than six hours a night have a higher risk of dying sooner than people of a similar age who sleep for seven or eight hours a night.

You’ll be a winner

Getting extra sleep can even improve athletic performance. Five swimmers were monitored as part of a study in 2008, they extended their sleep to 10 hours a day for six to seven weeks. At the end of the study the athletes could swim faster and react more quickly. With Australians sleeping for seven hours each night on average, according to IKEA’s Slumber Survey, three more hours in bed could make us quicker and sharper.

You’re less likely to get ill

Lack of sleep can suppress your immune system, which makes you more vulnerable to infections. A study in 2009 found that sleeping for fewer than seven hours a night increased the risk of catching a cold. The team from Carnegie Mellon University found the risk was trebled compared with those who slept for eight hours or more a night.

You’ll remember things clearly

During deep sleep the brain goes through our impressions of the day in a process vital to memory formation. A study published in the journal Sleep found people who slept fewer than six hours a night for two weeks scored far worse on memory tests than those who slept eight hours.

You’ll have better sex

The better rested you are, the better sex you’ll have, according to researchers. The 2010 Sleep in America poll found about 20-30 per cent of men and women felt their family life and sexual relationships had been affected by their sleepiness.

The Advantages of Modern Technology in Kitchen Equipment

Modern kitchens have a number of technological advances.
It used to be that perishable food could not be stored in a kitchen for very long and few items could be cooked due to limited numbers of appliances and kitchen tools. However, modern kitchen technology advances more every year with new gadgets and appliances, making it easier, safer and more efficient to cook meals, clean our dishes and keep our food fresh.


  • With dishwashers now standard in kitchens able to clean all of the dishes from very large meals in just thirty minutes, much more efficiency can be had in the modern kitchen while cooking meals. This allows restaurants to serve food much more quickly, as when plates are cleared from a table, they can be washed while other plates are being used to serve food, so the cooking and serving process is not broken down by having to clean the dishes off. These dishwashers also have the capability to hold and effectively clean more dishes then ever before. This saves people in commercial kitchens and in home kitchens time and gives them the freedom to do something else while the appliance works for them.

Cooking Speed

  • Meals can also be made more quickly with our modern kitchen technology. Stoves can produce very strong flames that can boil water more quickly and ovens can preheat almost immediately, whereas in the past cooks had to wait for these types of things. Rather then having to chop a number of vegetables or pieces of fruit, other appliances like blenders or Slap Chop cooking tools can be used to make this happen in a fraction of the time. This allows meals to be cooked more quickly, giving chefs more freedom to make more food or concentrate on making their meals more complex then ever before.

Preserving Food

  • Refrigerators and deep freezers are some of the most important pieces of technology in a modern kitchen, as they allow people to buy food and hold on to it for a long period of time without forcing them to eat it immediately or at least before it spoils. The refrigerator also allows people to monitor the freshness of food, as they can be set at certain temperatures and people will know how long it takes before the food will spoil. Deep freezers allow people to freeze perishable food for extended periods of time to be eaten at a much later date, allowing them to save meals for special occasions.

Lack of sleep affects decisions

A new US study has shown that decision making is compromised by a lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep affects decisions

A new US study shows lack of sleep can be dangerous for those whose jobs require fast decisions – not to mention anyone who may be affected by those decisions.

The study looked at 49 US military cadets and how sleep deprivation affected their ability to react quickly. The cadets performed a set of tasks twice – once when they were well-rested, and then again when they were sleep-deprived.

Their accuracy on the tests declined by 2.4 per cent when sleep-deprived and improved by 4.3 per cent when they were well rested.

The findings are of particular concern among firefighters, police officers, soldiers and others who work in a sleep-deprived state, researchers at the University of Texas say.

Review: Hot Air and Cairns

Traveler’s Digest travels the globe seeking out the adventures that will create excitement and motivate people to enjoy their life’s. Honestly, we have a lot of fun and want to share these experience’s with you, our readers. I learned at a early age that I was a child of the world, not of a city or a country, but a child of the world. It’s my home and I want to know it, experience it and explore every inch of it! This year, 2002, I took some of my fun loving staff and we toured the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand and then on to Australia. Form the West, landing in Perth, across the continent, via train, to the beautiful city of Sydney.

In the second month we headed up the Eastern coast, stopping in every town, big or small, every park, walked and swam every beach, climbed or hiked every mountain and was awed by great rainforests. We sailed to every island and watched sunsets from dozens of hidden lagoons. Australia is surely the Disney Land of nature. There were hundred’s of times that I wanted to get lost, not caring to be found.

Our agenda was to reach the city of Cairns and explore this region of North Queensland. I knew that it was the gateway to the Great Barrier Reefs and the untamed wilderness, where the Rain forest meets the sea. I really didn’t know to much about Cairns, but I was anxious to learn.

There were so many tours, excursions and adventures to experience, we didn’t know where to start. I had always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon, but never got the chance. My staff and I searched out every adventure tour offered and there was many, but there was one that caught my eye…..ballooning. I had heard that a lot of skill was required to safely operate a hot air balloon and having never tried it, I didn’t know who to trust. All I knew was that I wanted to do it and was going to do it, no matter what.

I researched all of the different brochures and read up on ballooning to try and gather every piece of information I could before I selected a particular company. I found out there was only one with the experience and multiple choice of stylish balloons in this entire area. That company was “Hot Air Cairns.” It seemed an appropriate name. I contacted the company and met with the owner and founder. A big man with a gentle and no-nonsense character. I found myself comfortable with his demeanor. His name is Andrew Steel.

Cairns is the most popular place in Australia to balloon and Hot Air is recognized as the best ballooning company in the region. Hot Air is operated by a team of Cairns tourism and aviation specialists who have spent more than 35 years in the industry. Hot Air’s specially chosen location, provides ideal weather and climate conditions for this gentle activity and our beautiful region offers unrivalled panoramic views of our unique Australian landscape.

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Now you can! There is no other sensation like the quite, calm movement through the sky. The birds will just have to make way. Enjoy Australia, explore Cairns and the great Barrier Reef, but no not pass on this one. Experience the adventure that has enveloped the minds of man since the beginning of time. Enjoy Hot Air Cairns and ride the wind in the world’s largest balloon. It even has a giant kangaroo. Tell them Mike says hello.

We toured and flew with them on the 2nd of Sept.2002. We had the thrill of a lifetime. I recommend this experience, with this company of professionals, to anyone. An absolute must do!

Visit their website at www.hotair.com.au

Hot air balloons floating over the rural landscape of Cairns.

Hot air balloons floating over the rural landscape of Cairns. Photo credit Dai Fujihara / Flickr CC.

Workout to boost your energy

Energy isn’t just about gettng enough sleep or eating the right food. Energy is affected by the amount you exert yourself during the day, and the way in which you exert yourself. Here are Damien Kelly’s workout tips for boosting energy.

1. Straight leg swings

Stand tall and lift your right foot off the ground. Keeping your torso upright, start to swing your right leg from the hip, like a pendulum. Start with small swings and build up until your foot reaches hip height. Perform 20 reps at this height and then decrease the range over the next few reps until your leg stops. Repeat on your left leg.

Sets and reps: 3 sets of 20 full-swing reps each leg

1. Straight leg swings

2. Scoop push-ups

Assume a push-up position on your toes or knees or with your hands on a ledge. Bend your knees and squat your buttocks back towards your heels. Then scoop your chest down to a point just off the ground between your hands. Continue scooping your chest forward so that your pelvis draws down and then start to arc up into a hyper-extended cobra. Once you’ve reached your range of motion, raise your pelvis back to the start.

Sets and reps: 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps

2. Scoop push-ups

3. Side bridge twists

Lie on your side, leaning on your elbow, forearm pointing forward. Brace your core, front and sides. Raise your body off the ground so you form a straight line, from shoulders to feet. Reach your top arm up, then sweep it under your torso, reaching as far back as possible. Keep your hips high and body straight. Your top shoulder and upper torso will twist. Untwist and take your arm back to the start.

Sets and reps: 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps each side

3. Side bridge twists

4. Slow burpess

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down, keeping your feet flat on the ground, and place your hands flat on the ground about 30cm in front of your feet. Step one foot back and then the other and assume a push-up position on your toes. Hold for a second, before stepping your legs back in and standing up.

Sets and reps: 2 to 3 sets of 10 reps

4. Slow burpess

5. Sit to stands

Stand with your back to a knee-high bench with no back. Keeping your vision on the horizon, squat down and lightly sit on the bench. Then lean back and lightly touch your back to the bench. Flex through your abs to come back up. Once seated upright again, push through your legs to stand up.

Sets and reps: 2 to 3 sets of 10 reps

5. Sit to stands


The Importance of Modern Technology


Modern technology has become so entrenched in the idea of a modern society that the two are nearly inseparable. Developing countries try to get better utilities, more vehicles, faster computers, as well as Internet and cell phone providers because that’s what makes a modern society. Modern technology must be implemented in order to accomplish the feats required of a modern society.

HealthOne of the biggest benefits of modern technology is that human longevity and health have improved because of its application. As understanding of the body and its functions improves, and as new tools to help heal it (lasers, sonograms, enhanced medication, and nonintrusive surgical tools, just to name a few) are created, life lasts longer. Not only does life extend, but people can live more comfortably, and recover from wounds and diseases that even a half a century ago would have been fatal. In many cases these people live full, productive lives.


CommunicationModern technology has revolutionized how people communicate. Since World War II, telecommunications and mass media have been growing by leaps and bounds. Radio, telephone, satellite communication, cellular technology, wireless Internet … in the modern day two people can chat via a computer when they’re on opposite sides of the planet. Communication has shrunk the world, bringing people from all cultures and backgrounds into contact with each other.


ResourcesModern technology allows resources to be expanded and for previously unused ones to be tapped into. If electricity is the lifeblood of a modern society, for instance, modern technology allows it to be harnessed in new ways. Coal-fired plants and gas-driven turbines are old, but serviceable. Wind and tidal generators use modern technology to harness forces on a scale that our ancestors would have thought impossible. Modern technology has also provided ways to grow more food, transport more people and make more products for a growing society.


KnowledgeWhat modern technology really represents is an increase in knowledge and how people can use it. Modern technology is usually the direct result of discovery and experimentation. Technology is defined as the scientific method being used to achieve a commercial or industrial goal. So to create technology, a bigger base of knowledge and understanding must be created from which to draw on. As improvements are made to technology, so too are improvements made to the pool of knowledge.


The Big PictureTechnology is also the application of knowledge, science and tools in ways that accomplish tasks more effectively. A simple look at how technology has become interwoven into modern life can show its importance. Technology allows many businesses to function properly, allows many people to work from home and helps companies around the world communicate. Modern technology builds prosthetic limbs, creates inventive surgeries and grows more food for a rapidly growing population. It creates more efficient vehicles and allows humanity to expand its knowledge even further.


The Top Four Things to Do during Your Holiday in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most popular resorts in the Spanish Costa del Sol region, and offers a range of things to see and do for those looking for an enjoyable, relaxing holiday. Over the years it has developed a reputation for being somewhere for the more discerning tourist to travel to, due to the fact it has a number of fine-dining restaurants, designer shopping boutiques, beautiful villas (see some examples here), an incredible yachting scene and excellent beaches.

If you are planning on taking a holiday to Marbella, here are four of the best things you can do while you’re there.

Enjoy the high life at Puerto Banús

If you are looking to mix with the real jet-setters in life then spending some time hanging out in Puerto Banús has to be top of your priorities list. This marina is where the rich and famous dock their superyachts to spend some time shopping in the exclusive stores like Gucci and Dolce & Gabana, before dining in the restaurants dotted around the harbour. The area also has a great nightlife scene – you are on holiday after all!

Luxury yachts and a mountain backdrop make  for a pretty Andalucian scene. Photo by Tomás Fano/Flickr.

Visit the beaches

Often the main reasons we go on holiday is to spend some time relaxing on the beach. Fortunately, Marbella is home to some amazing beaches – 24 in fact, dotted across a 16-mile stretch of coast. The best beaches to visit depend on where exactly you are staying – those in the city center should try El Faro and Fontanilla, while those to the east of the main resort should try Las Chapas and Cabopino. If you are looking for something a bit more exclusive you find that here too, with Ocean Club and Puro Beach a couple of the highlights.

On one of Marbella's many beaches. Photo by David Domingo/Flickr.

Walk around the old town

Still in the city but seemingly a world away from the more bustling areas is the Marbella Old Town. Here you will find a number of narrow alleys and streets dotted with cafes and restaurants, which allow you to relax and take in your surroundings. You’ll find more of the authentic Spanish dining experiences around here too, with tapas and a number of other Andalusian favourites being offered. It’s also a good area to pick up your souvenirs to bring home, as there are a number of fascinating boutique shops to be explored here.

On the colorful streets of Marbella's Old Town. Photo by HerryLawford/Flickr.

Go to the theme parks

For small and big kids alike, Marbella is home to a number of zoos and theme parks, all of which are worth paying a visit to. Tivoli World, located in Benalmádena is a great choice if for all the family with a number of rides, live performances, magic shows and restaurants. Then, the Costa Water Park, which is split into two locations in Marbella and Puerto Banus, offers a range of water slides and other attractions. If you want to travel a bit further afield, you can visit the Selwo Safari Park, which is home to a huge number of animals and creatures and is said to be the most stunning Safari Park in the whole of the country.

Why Should Children Play Sports?

Why Should Children Play Sports?

Sports, whether team-based or individual, are a great activity for children that provide a variety of benefits other than physical activity. Participation in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence, can motivate children to excel academically and can help build social skills. Participation also can teach children the benefits of goal-setting and practice.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is the most obvious benefit of sports participation. Children often spend too much time watching television or playing video games. But sports practices and games provide an opportunity for exercise that can help keep kids in shape and healthy.

Social Skills

Sports participation can help children develop social skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. They learn to interact not only with other children their age, but also with older individuals in their coaches and sports officials. Kids learn leadership skills, team-building skills and communication skills that will help them in school, their future career and personal relationships.


Participation in sports can have a huge positive impact on a child's self-esteem and confidence. Children who participate in sports get praise and encouragement from coaches and parents, which helps to build self-confidence. They also learn to trust in their own abilities and push themselves. Constructive criticism is also a major part of sports participation, and young athletes learn to accept such criticism and use it to their benefit. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry suggests that parents be actively involved to ensure that children get the most out of sports participation.

Academic Success

It is no surprise that children who participate in athletics excel in academics as well. They can apply the same principles of dedication and hard work learned through sports participation to their studies. According to an article published on the website America, playing on a high school sports team increases a young woman's chances of graduating from college by 41 percent.

Lifelong Health

Sports participation promotes health and wellness not only through childhood but throughout a child lifetime.Sports such as swimming and golf are especially beneficial because the child can continue to play as an adult, benefiting from the physical activity. Children who participate in sports might also be more aware of healthy food choices. Although sports participation is an excellent avenue to promote health and wellness, parents and coaches must encourage healthy living and be positive role models as well.

Bad Effects of Modern Technology in the Environment

Refrigerators and freezers are an indispensable part of modern life and difficult to dispose of properly.

Modern technology has changed people’s lives. Most people now carry cell phones so they can call friends and family wherever they go. Cars and trucks have allowed people greater freedom to travel around the country, and home appliances have decreased the amount of time we spend completing household chores. While modern technology has given people more convenience, it also has harmed the environment.


  • Old electronics dumped into landfills can leach toxins such as lead, mercury and lithium into the environment. Electronics account for 2 percent to 5 percent of the trash that reaches American landfills every year, according to GreenCitizen, a California-based company that works to reduce electronic waste. An average computer screen contains up to 8 pounds of lead, which in excessive amounts can cause nerve disorders and joint pain in adults. High levels of lead in children has been associated with brain damage and anemia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  • Cars harm the environment in a few ways. They run on oil, which sometimes leaks out. Oil spills can lead to water pollution and the destruction of plants and animals. Also, water runoff from oil processing plants to nearby rivers and streams can cause water pollution and harm ecosystems. When they are driven, cars emit toxins such as carbon monoxide and particulates such as soot. Air pollution from cars results in smog and holes in the ozone layer, and it may contribute to rising global temperatures.


  • Every time you flip a light switch, you use electricity. Electricity comes from sources such as coal, gas and oil. Burning coal releases particulates into the air. Coal mining also causes pollution. Runoff from the mines can contaminate surrounding watersheds, affecting drinking water quality and the health of ecosystems. Power plants that burn oil also release air pollutants, such as carbon monoxide. Electric plants powered by oil also consume a lot of water. Water removed from lakes and rivers can effect the ecosystem. Natural gas must be extracted from the earth, which can also disrupt ecosystems.


  • Household appliances such as laundry machines and dishwashers make lives easier, but they also consume precious resources. Appliances require electricity and fossil fuels to run. Laundry machines and dishwashers use a lot of water, which can harm the ecosystems of streams and lakes, according to the National Geographic’s Green Guide. Refrigerators and freezers contain fluorocarbons that contribute to the ozone layer depletion and global warming. Appliances that end up in landfills can leach hazardous materials into the environment and underlying watersheds.

The Biggest Burger


It took a crane to flip a 2,014-pound bacon-cheeseburger cooked over the weekend at a Minnesota resort, winning the record for world’s biggest burger. “What I saw today was a feat of remarkable teamwork that resulted in a world record burger that actually tastes really good,” said Philip Robertson, a representative from the Guinness World Records, according to the Duluth News Tribune. Robertson was on hand Sunday at the Black Bear Resort in Carlton, Minn., to confirm the record. The previous record for biggest burger was a comparatively dainty 881 pounds. The burger measured 10 feet in diameter and was topped with 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of sliced onions, 40 pounds of pickles and 40 pounds of cheese, according to the newspaper. It was cooked in a specially-made outdoor oven, and took about four hours. The bun took seven hours to bake. The behemoth burger was sliced up and served free to guests.

Information About Modern Technology

Technology is well-established. From car remotes to medical procedures, technology is part of our lives. Each day, new technological ideas or products are introduced. Because technology is so prevalent in the modern world, it is worth exploring what effects modern technology has on us. The effects of technology can be both positive and negative.


  • Technology has given us nearly instant communication. In addition, more people are able to view information and products than ever before. The increase in communicative ability and access to data is beneficial in that it creates a certain level of accountability. For instance, members of the media are under more pressure to report accurately, since the data they report is seen by potentially millions of people worldwide.


  • Better technology in many instances has led to better travel. Planes fly more efficiently to more places than ever before, for example. The benefit is that it is very easy to transport both people and goods from place to place. The resulting global economy keeps prices low. People do not need to work or live only in their native area. However, better travel also means that people are more likely to spread disease from place to place, and a global economy means that some inferior or unsafe products may be widely distributed.

Health Improvements

  • For the most part, increased technology has led to improvements in health. Doctors now have ways to tell how sterile an environment or tool is. They have many different machines that can monitor vital signs or that can be used in medical procedures. Without this technology, many people would not recover from their illnesses, and disease would spread more rapidly.

Health and Other Concerns

  • Although modern technology can improve health, there is concern that the excessive use of technology may promote some health problems. For instance, those who work in front of a computer screen or who watch a lot of television every day are more sedentary, which can lead to physical problems. There also is concern that technology is reducing the social skills held by people and that it allows for a decrease in safety, such as with child pornography posted on the Internet. Additionally, modern technology may be creating some problems in that it can be used improperly, such as with atomic bombs during war.


  • Whether technology is beneficial or harmful depends largely on the way it is used and who is wielding the technology. For instance, computer email can be used to share family photographs, or it can be used to send out attachments that damage the recipient’s computer and steal information. Some regulations on modern technology thus are needed in order to guarantee or to protect individual and social safety.


Just two hours off the coast of Mersing Malaysia, Tioman island is one of the few places in world that is simultaneously absolutely unique, pristine and caters to all budgets. It is irresistible thanks to its crystal clear aqua waters, thriving marine life below and that fact that unlike its neighbouring country Thailand, you can still find a deserted beach and have a corner of paradise all to yourself. With a large mountain peaking in its centre this is one island where a scooter won’t get your very far at all and boat is the only way to get around the island.

Each time we’ve been to Tioman it has been an entirely different experience with varying price tags. So here’s a list of spots and activities on Tioman for all budgets…


Salang is one of the more social spots on the island along with ABC and Tekek. Backpackers and snorkelers about to morph into certified divers come here to enjoy a slice of island life and party at beach bars in the evenings. This is one of the biggest hubs for diving schools and with good reason; the world beneath the surface is breathtaking. Multicoloured parrot fish, drifting sea turtles and clown fish explode in a myriad of colours in the turquoise blue. Whether you dive or snorkel, boats will take you out to Coral Island where you can marvel at the underwater world or sun on one of whitest sand beaches I’ve ever laid eyes on.<5e7696d37_z.jpg" alt="Salang Bay, Tioman" width="640" height="427" />

We stayed at Salang Indah. Whilst it worked well as a budget spot, it was certainly not my favourite beach hut. This will only work for you if you are keen to rough it, be without a basin in the `bathroom` and use the toilet floor as a shower and a place to brush your teeth. Plus the mosquito net was broken.

Salang is also known for its sand flies which I only discovered when my body as covered in large, itchy bites. Swim in the ocean, but tan and lie on the sandy beach at your own peril. We were told that the sand flies come out around low tide so steer cleer of all beaches around them and use oil on your legs to deter them.<.com/3934/15480184008_263651cb49_z.jpg" alt="Salang Bay, Tioman" width="640" height="480" />



This may very well be my favourite corner of the island. Perhaps because we had the entire resort and beach to ourselves or we could fall out of bed and straight out into the ocean.

Juara, Tioman Island.

Juara, Tioman Island.

1151 Coconut Grove is really not the cheapest option of accommodation in Juara but I’m pretty sure it’s the best. These are more luxurious beach chalets with sea views, delicious breakfast included and a number of activities to enjoy. We rented Stand-up paddle boards for RM20 an hour and paddled our way on the calm seas in the rain. During monsoon season, the surf is good and you can rent surfboards from a resort close by. They also rent bicycles which you can use to explore the one road weaving along the bay.

Juara, Tioman Island.

If you are not here for the more secluded island life, then you may get itchy feet and wish to see more people and socialise. Getting here requires a 4×4 driven by one of the island local tax drivers who can navigate their way over the steep mountain road and back down at fast speeds. Once there, you can call the driver to take you back over to Tekek to the restaurants, shops and bars. So take snacks with you to Juara; there is a mini mart and local restaurants but they are not always open.

Juara, Tioman Island.


This place is definitely out of our usual price range but worth it if you have the money and want a place for the family to relax, swim in the pool and get all your meals from. Once everyone fell out of the ferry, we were the only couple to be fetch in Tunamaya`s private boat and taken directly to the resort.

TunaMaya Beach & Spa Resort12

Tunamaya has a wonderful enclosed area to swim in the sea and swim in the pool. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinners overlooking the ocean with candlelight and music drifting into the warm evening air. Staff are really welcoming, friendly and totally professional and the General Manager, Mohan, will make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need at all times. You can enjoy their spa out nestled between the tall trees and stroll beside the stream on manicured lawns. The housing is beautiful, stylish and for Asia, the bathroom is perfection.

TunaMaya Beach & Spa Resort2

Tioman Island Malaysia

The only way to reach the resort is with their private charter so getting around is not really possible. But with all they have at the resort, you won’t really want to leave. You can go on mountain walks but be well advised that we were attacked by tons of Aedes mosquitoes on our jungle walk so if you do walk, wear tons of mosquito repellent and light, long sleeve clothing as they are attracted to black clothing.

Tioman Island Malaysia


-Take extra cash with you to pay for boat transfers. If your resort doesn’t have charters from the ferry stops, you will have to pay extra for a boat trip to your resorts spot on the island. Also take enough cash for the few days you are there as ATMs can only be found in the busier areas.

-Between November and February, monsoon season, the ferry from Mersing still runs but quite sporadically and according to the weather and the tide.

-If you need a taxi driver in and between Tekek and Juara, call Azlan +60168740291 or +60136214241.

– This is not the best island for singles or women travelling alone as there have been a few fatal incidents involving European tourists who initially went missing on the island and found dead. Do not go wondering off to a waterfall or on a hike alone. It won’t be difficult for you to get lost and not be able to get signal to contact anyone for help. As a woman, staying out late at night and drinking excessively with or near locals is not advisable as multiple tourists have reported scary behaviour of locals towards them when drinking. Most locals are friendly but every place has crime, so watch out and keep your hotel/resort’s number on you in case of emergency.

Escaping the rat race: Yosemite therapy for the urban soul

The Tunnel View is a well-known scenic vista in Yosemite National Park.

The days are long for the average SoCal city dweller. Fighting traffic and surviving the workweek grind are unrelenting challenges that leave many longing for — and probably fantasizing about — some serious R&R.

This universal craving is the very reason why the weekend getaway was invented. Fortunately for those who live on the West Coast, there’s a place close by where nature is vast, the air is clean, and the solace of the wilderness abounds: Yosemite National Park.

Just a few hours in the car from every major urban spot in California, Yosemite is a quick and easy getaway (and maybe the best-kept secret) for weekend travelers in the know. While enthusiasts laud the national park’s wide array of recreational opportunities and endless displays of natural beauty, most say that only four or five days are required to experience the best the area has to offer and can provide an immediate renewal of the senses. At nearly 1200 square miles, the entirety of Yosemite offers much to explore.

“Standing in Yosemite Valley and realizing how very small we are in this world and in this universe helps calm my daily worries and fills my heart with gratitude for being able to be a part of it, even if my stay is brief,” avid Yosemite-goer Katrina Brown said.

Reconnecting with love

Aside from reconnecting with the self, for many, Yosemite’s slow-paced grandeur is also the perfect backdrop for reconnecting with a partner.

Worlds away from the usual distractions and stresses of day-to-day life, the park’s legendary hikes are a unique way for couples to rekindle romance, whether it’s facing the challenge of an 8.9-mile trek down the Panorama Trail as a team or lazily enjoying an easy walk on the idyllic, wildflower-filled Tuolumne Meadows together.

The Mist Trail is a happy medium in terms of difficulty, with the added bonus two breathtaking waterfalls. What better way to get the passion roaring again?

Feeling the rush

Adventure seekers can exorcise their workweek blues and get the adrenaline flowing with activities from ziplining just outside the park in Mariposa to mountain biking in the Sierra National Forest. Aspiring mountaineers flock to Yosemite, which is known to have some of the world’s best rock climbing.

Even novices can enjoy easy ascents with the help of certified experts through classes that are offered daily. A raucous day of whitewater rafting along the Merced River can reportedly also do wonders for the work-weary soul.

Communing with nature

For those who prefer to take it slow, Yosemite’s natural surroundings are ideal. While stream and river fishing is limited to April through November, lake fishing is a year-round pastime throughout the park, and a great opportunity for a waterside picnic.

With more than 150 species of birds making their home in the national park, bird-watching is also a relaxing way to spend the morning hours. You’ll spot woodpeckers, ravens and owls during different times of the season.

Communing with Yosemite’s abundant nature can bring an unexpected sense of peace for visitors and may even offer a new perspective.

“The first time I visited Yosemite,” said Angeleno Tamra Lucid, “I ran my hand across the long grass, and hundreds of tiny frogs leaped from blade to blade. It was one of the most surreal and beautiful experiences of nature I’ve ever had. On a later visit I was convinced to hike Mist Trail, which helped me overcome my fear of heights as I saw all the small rainbows refracted in the mist from the falls.”

And if that doesn’t work, you can always hit the Madera Wine Trail right outside the park.

Benefits of Stock Trading and Investment

Advantages of trading investing in Indian share stock market online

Earn money

The primary benefit of the share stock market is money make opportunities with lesser efforts. You can make money online to earn primary or secondary income. Invest your money instead of depositing in low interest paying saving bank accounts and savings schemes. Indian share stock market is offering online money make opportunities without hard work with online stock trading and money investment. to earn extra amount as daily weekly monthly income.

Open to all money saving investors and traders

You can invest in shares stock market irrespective of yours income. To invest money in the stock market, small amount of money is enough on daily or periodical basis. The “small caps stocks” or “penny stocks” are easily available at very lower rates. If you have internet access from your home or work place you can trade shares, stocks on a minute-to-minute basis with small amounts as investment to trade to make maximum profits.

Variable risk

Share stock investment and trading is involved with an unpredictable degree of market risks. But if you with wise investment strategy, insight analysis of shares and stocks, company history, trust, company expansion etc., you can improve chances of huge money making with your online research knowledge and technical, fundamental analysis skills.
Here are few more advantages of online trading practice

Own management

You can manage your investment strategy in your willingly stocks and shares you very much interested to trade. Many stock brokerage companies and financial investment firms are offering this opportunity to manage your own stock portfolios yourself. You can trade yourself at any point of time through supported trading software or websites. You can practice on online with demo training. You have flexibility to transaction that you choose like buy or sell or hold stocks.

Low or Zero commission charges

Many stock brokerage service providing companies are nowadays reduced greatly their commission fee for trading and customer retention. The market broking firms are providing their financial planning, investment advice, financial health management services at very lower charges. For each of your transactions relatively they are collecting almost lower market rates. Enquire your share stock market brokerage service provider for latest commission charges.

Access to other financial instruments

If you deposit money in saving plans or savings schemes like recurring deposits, fixed deposits, PPF etc. you can’t get access to other financial instruments such as corporate bonds, mutual funds etc. But India share stock market is providing this unique opportunity of accessing to other investment instruments like mutual fund at very lower fee amount.

Knowledge sharing

Many brokerage service companies are adapted to retain clients with a lot of offers. The offers includes of demo training with virtual trading software tools, Level 2 stock quotes, money market news, market analysis tools and latest graphs, historical charts, research information, expert tips for investment management, technical fundamental analysis data etc. to help you in improving money market knowledge and latest stock market awareness.

This knowledge transfer is useful in tracking the latest share and stock performance also market movements. Beginner investors can learn how to trade online successfully, Share stock market for beginners, expert recommendations with trading investing tips to earn good returns and profits with less investment amount.

Unlimited access of trading account

In India, debit card transaction is restricted up to 5 times with other banks ATMs. But the same banks and nonbanking financial broking firms are allowing multiple times of access to investor’s trading account 24/7, even though stock market working hours are from 9:30am to 4pm (i.e. trading hours); from your smartphone, laptop or tab or other electronic gadget with high speed internet connection. The unlimited access can help you in your financial investment management.

More control on your transactions

You can manage your trade practice with all control. You can decide yours stock selling prices and buying prices as well as your order placement whenever you feel like. No need to wait for stock service company phone call or company executive persons. You can control completely all yours financial trade transactions as your wishful with trading decisions.

No Experience required
Another internet stock trading advantages is no need of any kind of formal education in technical, financial courses. Anybody with or without any academic qualification can be allowed for investment. No experience is required to strategise wise investment plans and to make money online.

The advantage of online stock trading is lessening the disadvantages. So for beginner investors and Indian investment market traders before investing money it is advised to consider the main disadvantages of internet trading, when planning to trade online.

Internet stock trading is helping in avoiding the market middlemen fraud. The online trade facility is between the traders and the shares or stocks is supporting the individual financial transaction at own decisions.

5 Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle

How to lead a healthy lifestyle

There are five simple ways for your family to lead a healthy lifestyle and get back on track:


1. Get active each day

  • Regular physical activity is important for the healthy growth, development and well-being of children and young people.
  • They should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, including vigorous activities that make them ‘huff and puff’.
  • Parents should be good role models and have a positive attitude to being active.

2. Choose water as a drink

  • Water is the best way to quench your thirst – and it doesn’t come with the added sugar found in fruit juices, soft drinks and other sweetened drinks.
  • Reduced fat milk for children over two is a nutritious drink and a great source of calcium.
  • Give kids whole fruit to eat, rather than offering fruit juices that have a lot of sugar.

3. Eat more fruit and vegetables

  • Eating fruit and vegetables every day helps children grow and develop, boosts their vitality and can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.
  • Aim to eat two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day.
  • Have fresh fruit available as a convenient snack and try to include fruit and vegies in every meal.

4. Switch off the screen and get active

  • Sedentary or ‘still’ time spent watching TV, surfing online or playing computer games is linked to kids becoming overweight or obese.
  • Children and young people should spend no more than two hours a day on ‘small screen’ entertainment.
  • Plan a range of active indoor and outdoor games or activities for your children, as alternatives to watching TV or playing on the computer.

5. Eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives

  • Healthy snackshelp children and young people meet their daily nutritional needs.
  • Snacks based on fruit and vegetables, reduced fat dairy products and whole grains are the healthiest choices.
  • Avoid snacks that are high in sugar or saturated fats – such as chips, cakes and chocolate – which can cause children to put on excess weight.

How Does Technology Impact Communication?

Technology is changing the way we communicate.
Technology is constantly altering the way we live our lives. From how we eat to how we travel and work to how we entertain ourselves, technology has become an integral part of our day. However, the aspect of our lives that has been most impacted is likely the way we communicate with one another. These changes have been for both better and worse, but have unequivocally impacted the way we interact with the people in our lives.

SpeedTechnology has amplified the rate at which we communicate with the world around us. Developments like email, instant messaging, texting, cell phones, Twitter, social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, and video conferencing have allowed us to connect with each other at breakneck speeds. This has helped us in some ways by allowing us to get in touch with each other quickly for both business and emergency needs. However, with speed sometimes comes recklessness. In a heated moment, people may send a text or email they later come to regret, but can’t take back because it was sent in a matter of seconds.

A photo being posted to Instagram.
AccessibilityTechnology has changed how when contact each other, when, and where. With cell phone service being much more consistent than it was in the 1990s, and a growing market of smartphones with mobile internet and email access, messages can literally be transmitted anywhere at any time. This is uniquely helpful in a professional sense, because it allows you to stay in touch with colleagues when on a business trip or out of the country. Unfortunately, this accessibility can also become a burden. Blackberry phones have earned the nickname “Crackberry,” referencing a growing addiction to connectivity and a fast-paced lifestyle, perhaps distracting from other important communicative processes.

Constant accessibility can be a professional advantage, but a personal burden.
EfficiencyTechnology has greatly impacted the efficiency of our communicative acts. Instead of having to have a long conversation with a client about his kids and home life before asking a quick question about an order, a brief and to-the-point email can be sent to accomplish the same task. While this has made some business interactions a little easier, our reliance on technology to communicate with one another can sometimes lead to conflict. There is no nonverbal context to a text message or email, which means that sarcasm or jokes can sometimes be misinterpreted, leading to hurt feelings.

Emails can be misinterpreted.
Family ConnectionsTechnology has made it easier for families to stay in contact with each other. Instead of having to rely on physical photographs being sent every couple of months, new parents can now send photo text messages (MSM) to proud grandparents every day. Video telephone calls made with platforms like Skype can let parents on overseas business trips talk to and see their kids. Members of the military can keep up to date with their family affairs and receive encouragement via email while deployed. The only time this becomes a problem is when technology becomes the only mode of connection, which can make more traditional family members feel isolated.

Technology can both help and hurt family connectedness.
NewsTechnology has exploded access to news for the public. We are able to communicate about events as they happen with platforms like Twitter or news tickers that can be downloaded to your desktop. Moreover, the internet has changed the way we communicate news by giving literally anyone a voice with blogs and websites. This free flow of information serves as a check on public figures sometimes, but can also lead to misinformation and confusion.

Technology has exploded access to news for the public.

Health apps, new tech continue to help users live a healthy lifestyle

Smartphones and wearable technologies have made living a healthy lifestyle and reaching your fitness goals easier than ever.

Training for a marathon or simply increasing your physical activity level is all about motivation, and now it can be as simple as downloading an app to your smartphone or putting on a wearable device like a fitness tracker.  With these integrated technologies, you can learn your heart rate, track your daily steps, log your food intake and more – all while staying in stride with your regular routine.

According to mobile analytics platform Localytics, which monitors more than 20,000 apps, there was a 19 percent increase in new health and fitness apps in 2013 (compared to 2012).

“What we see is that more and more people are interested in having little, effortless influence on their activity,” Raphael Auphan, project manager at Withings, told FoxNews.com. Withings’ new Withings Aura sleep system (available Spring 2014) uses a bedside device and an under-mattress sleep sensor to track sleep patterns and control bedroom noise pollution and light levels.  The invention won the 2014 CES Innovation Award in the health and fitness category.

“Users are now used to the seamless experience,” Auphan said.  “Even compared to five to six years ago… it’s definitely a trend.”

For developers, it’s all about making the technology part of users’ everyday lives – without being unnatural. For people who use a scale every day, stepping on a device that seamlessly uploads your weight, body mass index and body fat percentage to an app makes it more likely that you’ll pay attention to these measurements.

 “We found that [as we] streamline the experience and make it really simple and intuitive for users, the more effective it can become,” Jason Jacobs, founder and CEO of Runkeeper, told FoxNews.com.

The popular Runkeeper app tracks users’ fitness activity, but also collects data to make the experience more personal for each user. Not only can users see their running routes and mileage, they can also find and set a fitness goal and follow a specific training plan – such as preparing for a marathon.

“The ultimate goal of most of these apps is to change behavior,” Scott Snyder, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Mobiquity, a mobile engagement provider, told FoxNews.com.  “To do that, we have to treat each user differently to see what moves them. Mobile devices are the most transformative to be able to do that.”

As developers push toward more personalized programs that use complex data, they’re simultaneously trying to make the user experience simpler.

Jacobs likens the experience to owning a car.  Everyone can look under the hood to check out the systems, but most people just want to see an alert system on the dashboard to tell them when the mechanic needs to check it out. It’s about getting people to analyze their data and take action toward their goals, he said.

“When you wear an activity tracker, [it becomes] interesting  when it stops influencing your behavior,” Snyder said. Initially, users check their data frequently, but taper off as healthier habits becomes part of their routine.

The Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Modern society has a staggering number of technological gizmos and mechanical gadgets at its disposal, from airplanes to iPhones. However, while these advancements have brought new aspects of health, freedom and enjoyment, there are also disadvantages to a society so completely reliant upon them.

PollutionOne of the biggest concerns about modern technology today is pollution. Vehicles and major manufacturing plants are releasing ever-increasing amounts of carbon dioxide, and that may greatly contribute to global warming.

VocationAs computing technology and robotic mechanisms become increasingly advanced, fewer jobs are available due to the fact that machines can perform a task more efficiently at a quicker pace.

Assembly line
Social IsolationIn “Social Isolation in America: Changes in Core Discussion Networks Over Two Decades,” authors Miller McPherson and Lynn Smith-Lovin write that, while modern technology has made it possible to connect more frequently, email and text messaging do not lend themselves to intimate revelations or in-depth conversations. These are things that may be necessary to combat loneliness and isolation.

Text message
CompetencyWith spell check and automatic technology, simple knowledge and calculations are done for most people. While this does save time and effort, it causes many individuals to become dependent on technology, which can be problematic in situations without modern advancement.

Behavioral ProblemsBecause of the amount of time children spend watching television, views and behaviors are affected. One example is evidenced in a study by researchers at the University of Michigan that spanned 15 years. It found a link between childhood television viewing and adult violent behavior. Other studies found links between TV viewing and smoking, drinking and risky sexual behavior.

Kid watching TV

Travel Profiles on Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates, or UAE for short, is a nation comprised of seven emirates (kingdoms) that are loosely aligned in a type of federalist system of governance. As each of the emirates has a fair bit of autonomy, they each also retain their own unique character. The two emirates that are most known to travelers are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Let’s briefly take a look at the two emirates to see how they contrast from a traveler’s perspective.


Dubai is the more glamorous of the two emirates. In fact, it’s famed the world over for its ostentatious displays of wealth, and for being an oasis for the incredibly wealthy. Luxury holidays to Dubai know no limits, and when it comes to luxury hotels, travelers have a ton of choices. The Burj Al Arab is situated on a private island a few meters off the coast and is easily one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Another option is the Armani Hotel, which is housed in the Burj Kahlifa – the world’s tallest building – and is the only Armani Hotel in the world.

As one might expect, a visit to Dubai is not cheap, nor is it modest. High-profile conventions and events take place throughout the year, and jet-setters come in and out of Dubai’s stunning international airport at a breakneck pace.

The stunning architecture of the Burj Al Arab is only a tease of the wonders awaiting inside.

Abu Dhabi

For most of recent history Abu Dhabi has been in the shadow of its more glamorous cousin, as Dubai has attracted the vast majority of attention from international travelers. This, however, is beginning to change as Abu Dhabi is making a serious push for consideration as one of the world’s greatest cities.

Though inherently more modest than Dubai, Abu Dhabi has still managed to attract top-tier events like the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – an annual Formula One race. Some more incredibly impressive attractions are planned for the city, and construction is currently underway on the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. Once completed, these two museums will turn Abu Dhabi into one of the world’s principal cities of the arts, and make it difficult to imagine a trip to the UAE that doesn’t include at least a stop in Abu Dhabi.

The Grand Mosque is a reminder of Abu Dhabi's conservative and cultural past.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Technology sometimes produces waste.
There is little doubt that technology impacts the world to a startling degree. For example, businesspeople around the globe use computers to perform work-related tasks. Some of the impacts of modern technology are positive, but others are not. Looking at a list of the advantages and disadvantages of technology is useful because it provides a means by which an individual may assess whether technology implementation is worth potential risks.

Efficiency and Productivity

  • An increase in technology generally means that tasks are completed faster and more efficiently. This translates to increased productivity. From the business standpoint, this is definitely an advantage, since increased productivity means better sales, services or manufacturing.

Job Loss

  • When an organization uses technology properly, the technology typically cuts the number of hours that need to be worked. This increases profit for the organization because it doesn’t need to pay workers to remain on the job site. However, if the technology cuts the number of hours drastically enough, some individuals may lose their jobs entirely because the technology essentially completes the tasks that the employee originally did. Factories are the best example of this—as more and more robots complete assembly line tasks in an automated way, there’s less of a need for physical workers. According to Small Business Bible, jobs are created by technology too, such as information technology specialist positions.


  • It is debatable whether or not technology is financially a disadvantage or advantage. On one hand, technology is cost effective, according to Small Business Bible—technology may boost revenue and profit through increased efficiency, productivity and limited man hours. However, a business may lose this revenue and profit simply because they have to support and update all of the technology they use. For example, a business may reduce the number of office employee hours with a handful of software programs, but it then may have to pay a technology consultant fees for installing and answering questions about how to use the programs.

Personal Touch

  • Norwin A. Merens, managing director of NM Marketing Communications, says that having a personal touch in business is beneficial. When an organization uses technology to an excessive degree (e.g., when most operations are automated, more machines are used than employees, the majority of employees are in tech support, or everyone is required to use phones, computers, etc.), it may lose the personal appeal it had. Others may shy away from the organization because they want to do business or communicate with a real person and not a machine.


  • Technology means that people can perform tasks with an incredibly high degree of accuracy. For example, in medicine, machines can measure the exact amount of oxygen a person is taking in or make an incision to within millimeters.


  • Technology may cause numerous health problems. For example, according to Practice, Medical News Today, PR Log and Poynton, scientists, researchers and doctors such as Darius Lakdawalla, Tomas Philipson, Amy Drescher and Charles Poynton are concerned about the links between technology, obesity/heart problems, eye strain, deafness and muscle issues. Waste from technology such as the used fuel and emissions from factory machines may pollute the environment, disturbing ecosystems and making people sick.

World’s Largest Cupcake

The World’s Largest Cupcake record now belongs to Georgetown Cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake’s national headquarters in Sterling, Virginia, though the picture here is from the previous world record holder.. On November 2, 2011, the bakery created a cupcake weighing 2,594 lbs, according to Guinness World Records. If Georgetown Cupcake sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the star of the TLC show, DC Cupcakes. Photo courtesy of TLC.

Secure your Future with Saving Investment Plans India

Secure future with money saving investment and with proper short term and long term financial goals. Many people think that savings are safest and enough to earn additional money in addition to regular income through job or business and other sources etc. There are a number of saving investment plans to save and invest money to improve your daily life depending on your financial, wealth building goals. But many citizens focus on savings schemes instead of money investments.

In their view money saving in saving bank accounts and fixed deposits, recurring deposits, security bonds etc. are very very safer sources to attain next level of financial position to meet future requirements and expenses. They are thinking that investment plans are very boring ones and somewhat complicated, high risk oriented than safer sources.

Indian Saving and Investment Plans are best sources to become millionaire and wealthy person if you are with effective investment strategy and selection of best suitable short term saving plans and long term savings schemes. Your financial career management requires a perfect financial investment strategy. The blind money investment is can results in no guarantee for your secure future and unhappy financial career.

A lot of Indian people are still preferring and treating that fixed deposits and saving bank accounts are very very safest sources in money saving for future needs and future financial career. Most of the investors are ignoring the money making opportunities with higher returns for secure future career. Many wealth building sources, monthly income resources are still not realized by many short term investors and long term investors even India share stock market traders.

In India, there are many financial investment instruments are available to put money to earn high returns and to create wealth with right investing strategy. Shares, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Forex, Future, Options, Fixed deposits, PPF, FTP etc. Find here is a list of saving plans India for short term investment and long term investment sources. Most of Indians and retired elder people are prefer high interest rate based schemes and plans to invest money for future days.

How to Secure your Future with Financial Planning and Wealth Investment

Segregate yours all your expenses and investment options for future days security. Divide the all inputs into 2 categories. This can help you to reach yours short term inputs and long term inputs with proper financial strategy with money saving investment opportunities. All minor and major financial expenses are to include to consider your achieve your best financial health position. Yours present expenses are not same with yours future expenses. So secure your future days with perfect financial strategy.

You must have 2 types of financial inputs for your present and future income sources. Namely they are 1) Profit and Loss Account and 2) Balance Account.

Inputs for Profit and Loss Account

  • Include of daily or monthly expenses or payments and income amount.
  • Add your short term investment sources
  • No guaranteed of fixed amount
  • Fluctuation depends on multiple reasons
  • Requires low to medium investment
  • Future returns are not-guaranteed if invested
  • Not secures your future life

Inputs for Profit and Loss Account 

  1. Monthly salary
  2. Debt
  3. Saving amount
  4. Additional revenue
  5. Bike or car expenses
  6. House rent
  7. Family expenses
  8. School fee
  9. Medical expenses
  10. Transport charges etc.
  11. Shopping
  12. Credit card bill payment

Inputs for Balance Account

  • Includes of annual (long-term) generally includes of monthly or yearly expenses or payments and income amount.
  • Add your Long term investment sources
  • Fully guaranteed of fixed amount
  • Fluctuation depends on very less factors
  • Requires bulk investment
  • Future returns are guaranteed if invested
  • Secures your future life

 Inputs for Balance Account

  1. Property
  2. Land
  3. gold
  4. PPF
  5. Apartment purchase
  6. Child education
  7. Retirement plans
  8. Children marriage
  9. House construction
  10. Rentals
  11. Business planning
  12. Life insurance payment
  13. Medical health insurance payment

This article is developed after conversation with Edem. Prashanth Kumar, a senior accountant in globally reputed Organization in information security certification. Prashanth has working knowledge in Tax Saving, Money Saving, and Corporate, Individual investment. Shares-Stocks.com is saying “Thanks to you… Prashanth Kumar” for your tax saving tips and money saving ideas…

How to Invest in the Indian Stock Market – Share Stock Investment

Indian share stock market is a best source to trade or invest money to get good amount of profits and returns better than traditional saving investment plans in India. Everyday many investors and traders are investing money into top rated Indian shares and high performing stocks in the trading investment market.

How to choose best stocks – stock selection tips

Here are few tips on selection of best stocks or shares to invest.

Where to buy stocks in India

In equity market, the shares and stocks are available to trade or invest money through individual and corporate exchanges or over the counter (otc) markets. The equity market is simply categorized into two main sections. They are 1) Primary Market and 2) Secondary Market. These two are the best sources to purchase shares or stocks in India.

Primary Market

The primary market is place where companies issues shares or stocks through initial public offering to raise the required capital. The issued shares are further available in secondary markets through trading process from shareholders or stockholders.

The primary market is a place that deals with new securities offerings by listed companies. The first time issuing shares or stocks are generally referred to as Initial Public Offers (IPOs). When the investors who are purchased these new IPO offerings are sells after sometime, these shares or stocks further available to buy at secondary markets.

Secondary Market

The secondary market is the source where an investor or traders can buy or sell already issued shares, stocks, bonds, options and futures etc. The buying and selling of these various financial instruments available through stock brokerage companies, online trading, financial investment institutes, and banking organizations etc. at offered market prices. The primary and secondary markets are closely monitored by SEBI.

Prerequisites to Indian share stock market investment

If you want to invest money in share stock market through internet trading is requires demat account and trading account.

Demat A/C – This is similar like yours bank savings account. In this demat account you can “hold” your purchased shares like available money (available balance) in your bank saving account.

How to open Demat account?

To open the demat account, you can consult your nearest any financial organization. If you have any bank saving account, just consult the bank personnel to open demat account. All banking firms, and financial organizations are offering at very nominal charge or zero fee (at free of cost) for opening demat account.

Trading A/C – This is similar like yours net banking transactions. On online you can login and to do various transactions such as money deposit, credit card payment, 3 rd party account transfer, loan payments, fund investments etc.

How to open Trading account?

Through this trading account, you can “buy and sell” holded shares or stocks whenever you want during market hours normally 9.30 a m to 3.30 p m. To open this trading account, minimum 5000 rupees (INR) are required. All banks and financial investing companies, stock trading brokerage firms are providing this trading account opening service.

The Advantages of Going to the Gym Every Day

The Advantages of Going to the Gym Every Day

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. Going to the gym every day is one way to accomplish this goal. Regular exercise carries many physical and mental health benefits. Do not begin any new exercise program without talking to your doctor first, especially if you have any health conditions or have been sedentary to this point.

Weight Control

Going to the gym every day will help you control your weight. Expending 500 calories per day, or 3,500 calories per week, will help you to lose 1 lb. per week. If you are overweight or obese, losing even a moderate amount of weight, such as 10 percent of your body weight, may reduce your risk of developing serious conditions. Making changes to your diet may help you to lose even more weight. A reasonable goal is to lose up to 2 lbs. per week if you are overweight.

Heart Health

Exercising daily strengthens your heart and allows it to pump more efficiently with less strain. Exercise also lowers your blood pressure, which measures the force on your artery walls each time your heart beats. It may lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, allowing blood to flow more smoothly through your arteries. Going to the gym for 30 minutes a day five days per week may lower your risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke, says the CDC, and going for a longer period often can lower your risk even more.

Other Health Benefits

Regular exercise may lower your risk of developing diabetes, metabolic syndrome and some types of cancer, such as colon cancer and breast cancer. Combining aerobic exercise with strength training at the gym helps your muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons remain in good shape, which will make you stronger and more flexible. This is particularly important as you age or face problems such as arthritis. You may lower your risk of falling or fracturing your hip, which may negatively impact your life, especially in your older years.

Mental Health Benefits

Going to the gym every day puts you in contact with people on a regular basis and will enhance your social life as well as the way that you feel about yourself. You may sleep better if you exercise each day; and more sleep means more energy and a more even mood.

5 Choices That Will Make You Healthier

Here are some of the surprising things I’ve discovered.

1. Make friends with raw, organic, local honey.

Raw, organic, local honey — honey that has been produced by beehives that are within 25 miles of where you live — works like a homeopathic remedy. As the bees go from plant to plant, they pick up pollen, which shows up in the honey. Last year, right after we moved to Berthoud, I was extremely allergic, and this year I have no allergies at all.

I found a wonderful beekeeper around the corner from us and I’ve been eating one teaspoon of her delicious raw organic honey daily, all year. I did the same thing in Durango, with the same results! But I suffered a lot in Santa Fe because I didn’t know about the importance of honey.

2. Pay attention to your food and climate.

From the time I moved to Santa Fe, I started to get a lump of mucus in my throat that just wouldn’t go away. Over time, it got worse and worse and when we moved to Berthoud, I finally saw a wonderful naturopathic doctor who diagnosed the problem (traditional doctors were no help at all).

“When you moved out of California, you needed to change your diet. You can’t eat the same when you live in a climate that gets cold in the winter. Cold foods in the winter affect the spleen, so now your spleen is not doing its job and this is causing the mucus problem. You can’t eat cold foods until the nights are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This means no salads or cold smoothies in winter. All your food needs to be heated.”

I was shocked! No salads! No smoothies! These had been a daily part of my diet for years. But I followed her recommendations and stopped eating all cold foods until summer arrived. And it worked!

3. Hydrate frequently.

The dryness of New Mexico and Colorado, compared to L.A., also exacerbated the problems. The asthma vanished as soon as I started to drink more water and humidified our home.

4. Eat plenty of fermented foods.

As great as my health was for many years, I knew it could be better, but I wasn’t sure what else to do. As far as I knew from my research, I was eating very well. What was missing?

When I discovered that 80% of our immune system is in our gut and that our modern lifestyle often decimates our beneficial gut flora, I added many fermented foods to my diet. In fact, I’ve become proficient at making my own fermented foods — something I’ve come to greatly enjoy.

Even though I’ve stayed away from antibiotics for many years, I learned that there are many other ways our gut flora can become unbalanced. Since adding many fermented foods to my diet, my energy has skyrocketed!

5. Figure out good fats!

As many of you know, for many years we were sold a bill of goods about fats. Now we know that the natural fats are very important for health — and for curbing the appetite. I’ve added many good fats to my diet and I find that they not only enhance my energy, they keep me feeling satisfied much longer.

Whether your eating choice is vegan, vegetarian, Paleo or modified Paleo, following these five choices will enhance your health!

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Sleep key to weight loss

Getting a good night’s sleep may curb those cravings.

Sleep key to weight loss

Researchers at Stanford University in the US have found healthy sleep patterns help balance the hormones responsible for food cravings and overeating.

Ghrelin is the hormone that stimulates hunger and is created when we fast for several hours. Leptin is the hormone produced when we eat, and it creates feelings of satiety that shut down our hunger centre, thereby forcing ghrelin levels to drop.

Studies have found that people who get five hours’ or less sleep a night have higher ghrelin and lower leptin levels than those who get eight hours’ sleep a night. People who were sleep deprived had greater cravings for carbohydrate-rich junk foods. Lack of sleep also led to leptin resistance, which results in the body being unable to burn fat effectively, leading to weight gain.

Melatonin (the sleep hormone) has been shown to help restore leptin sensitivity. When you are sleep deprived you don’t secrete enough melatonin.

19 General Investing Tips for Beginning Investors

I have been an investor for over 12 years and what I have learned from my experience, and from mentors is that all investing is the same.  You buy something, you sell something.  It doesn’t matter if you’re buying one block of gold or an entire shipment, a stock, an existing company, an art piece, a house (not your residence), a foreign currency, etc.  The objective is to sell these things to someone else for more than what you paid.  The second and equally important objective is to get something (whatever) for less than what it’s worth.  And determining what something is worth can be hard.  What something is really worth boils down to what someone else is willing to pay for it!



Investing also involves various levels of negotiation.  There will be times when no negotiation is required, i.e., someone will take your price.  Why?  There’s always a reason and in these cases, desperation is the emotion driving the other side of the deal.  You’ll get the best deals when the seller is in a distressed situation.  Most of the time there will be some negotiation involved and in these cases you have to know your maximum price to pay for whatever the seller is selling.  Any price point beyond this maximum and you will fail to turn a profit later.  The point between maximum profit and no profit is your “margin of safety.”  If you’re not careful, and buy at the wrong price, you will erode your margin of safety and in turn diminish your returns.


I’ve taken the liberty of writing out 19 general investing tips for beginning investors with the intent of shedding more light on the topic.  Perhaps these tips will simplify what investing is, and let you visualize yourself taking part in something I find to be truly enjoyable.

  1. In real estate, investing is more of a win-win.  In the stock market, it’s every man for himself.  Know the playing field.

  1. Enter the playing field (the stock market, the real estate market, the Forex market, etc.) knowing as many of the rules as possible.  It’s always best to have another investor introduce it to you.

  1. Get really good at appraising value.  Time and experience improve your appraisal skills.

  1. You make most of your money when you buy, at the front-end, not when you sell, or the back-end.  If you’ve bought high, only a miracle will keep your deal from not smelling like backend.

  1. Taxes are expensive.  However, never overestimate the impact of taxes, meaning don’t let taxes keep you from selling to either get out or get cash for a better opportunity.

  1. Taxes are expensive.  However, never underestimate the impact of taxes, meaning don’t let taxes eat away your profits by not minding them, i.e., not having a tax saving strategy for each of your investments.

  1. If you see money as a hammer, every opportunity will turn into a nail.  Money is a tool to be used, not left gathering dust in a bank account earning zero interest.

  1. There’s risk and there’s reward.  But your behavior, how you deal with risk and what you do with your rewards, matter more.

  1. There’s death.  There’s taxes.  And there’s inflation.  All three are certainties.

  1. In any deal, you’re not charged a single penny for asking a question.

  1. Don’t fall in love with the first investment home you ever buy.  Get a few flips under your belt as quickly as possible, so you have staying power, working capital to get on with your next deal and be able to deal with the things that will invariably come-up.

  1. If you want maximum and accelerated gains, don’t diversify.  Put all your eggs in one basket, but make sure you have a tight grip.

  1. Just get out there and do it.  Thinking too much about it will paralyze you.

  1. Don’t let one mistake stop your investing career.

  1. My father-in-law made millions of dollars investing. He spent it all on booze, women, and divorces.  Don’t be like my father-in-law.

  1. You DO need money for investing.  Using Other People’s Money (OPM) is preferred.

  1. Surround yourself with good and reliable people.  If they don’t have these qualities, don’t hesitate to get rid of them.

  1. Learn how to negotiate.  Negotiations and investing are dance partners.

  1. The best tip of all…don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

If investing is still too scary for you, consider this:

There is more risk in driving a car than there is in investing.  People are okay placing their lives in danger almost every single day, getting behind the wheel.  Yet it’s the thought (fear) of losing money that keeps them up at night.  Go figure.

CAPTCHA Entry Work: Make Money Now with Simple Online Job from Home

CAPTCHA Entry work is one of the best Online Data Entry Work that provides people an money making opportunity working from home. You can make money from your laptop or computer or even mobile phone also.
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For correct entries, you will be get paid. The length of the CAPTCHAS code will be about 5 to 15 comprising of alpha, numeric and special characters.
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What Are the Health Benefits of Being Physically Fit?

What Are the Health Benefits of Being Physically Fit?

Cardiovascular Health

People who regularly exercise have a reduced risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke compared to unfit people, according to the CDC. As little as 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity regularly every week confers this advantage, but people who do more exercise can reduce the risk even more. Moderate activity, according to Harvard School of Public Health, is activity that makes you sweat but allows you to talk at the same time. A physically fit and active person also tends to have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels than a sedentary person.

Metabolic Health

People who are physically fit tend to suffer less from metabolic issues like Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, notes the CDC. If a person has metabolic syndrome, she has some or all of these problems; high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, excess belly fat and low high-density lipoprotein (“good” cholesterol). The more exercise a person does regularly, the less chance she has of developing these health problems. (Here and elsewhere, these are general results; it’s still possible to develop these problems even if you exercise regularly, which is why regular medical checkups are important.)

Cancer Risk

The Harvard School of Public Health says that fit people potentially have a lower risk of developing certain cancers. These include colon cancer in both men and women and breast cancer in women, and research indicates that endometrial cancer in women and lung cancer in both sexes may possibly also be positively influenced by staying fit.

Bone Strength

Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become more fragile and fractures are more likely. This is associated with aging, but the Harvard School of Public Health says that staying fit helps lower the risk of this happening. Examples of useful activities include brisk walks, dancing and weight training. These are weight-bearing exercises that force the muscle to pull on the bone, thereby influencing the bones to become stronger to handle the stress. Keeping bones strong also helps reduce the risk of fractures.

Mental Health

Keeping physically fit does not just influence the physical body. The Harvard School of Public Health says regular exercise boosts mood and can potentially help reduce depression. People who are fit may also have less trouble sleeping, and if you stay fit as you age, you can also potentially help prevent a decline in cognitive abilities.


The CDC says that keeping fit is one of the most important things you can do to increase your longevity. People who are active for about 7 hours a week, the CDC says, have about 40 percent less chance of dying early than those who are more sedentary. In addition, fit older people are generally less likely to suffer falls or have issues affecting everyday movement and activities than those who are less fit.

Hiring a Coach Service for Your Group Trip Makes Sense

Group travel is always a fun adventure for everyone that goes on these trips. No matter whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or for educational purposes, this is a great way to spend time with friends, associates, family members and classmates while you are being transported to your event.

Class Trips

If you are an administrator or a teacher in a school system, the chances are good that you already know how much students enjoy taking a class trip for educational or recreational purposes. These are the special occasions when they get outside of the traditional classroom, but are learning through hands-on experience.

This approach to education brings a higher level of understanding to the subject being studied. Sometimes it is great for both students and teachers to get outside of their usual environment and have a good time approaching education in a different way that can really have an impact on students.

Planning Your Class Trip

A lot of thought and care must be put into planning the perfect class trip. For starters, the school trip being planned must be age-appropriate for the children that will be going on it. As a planner or administrator, you will also need to know how many children have permission to attend the outing.

Knowing the number of students that will be taking part in the outing helps you organize the trip and recruit enough parent helpers to act as chaperones while you are on your adventure. In many cases, class trips are one-day events, so once you have all the basic details worked out, all you need to do is enjoy the day! In some instances, like a class trip for graduation, these trips could be longer. Popular places to take a class for the day in the Sydney area include a trip to the Sydney Tower, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Tarragon Zoo, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

All of these attractions are great places to spend a day learning more about the culture, wildlife and architecture of Sydney.

By planning ahead, you may be able to qualify for discounted admission rates on the place you are visiting for the day. In some cases, venues offer free admissions for teachers, administrators and parent helpers that join the children for the day. To see if you qualify, be sure to contact the venue to ask about any applicable discounts on group admissions. If discounts are available on student admissions, these savings can be passed along to your students to make it more affordable for families with multiple children.

Group Charter Services

Group charter services work well if you have a group of people travelling to the same destination. These days, more people are turning to charter bus services as a safe and effective transportation option for everyone in their group.

If you are a business organisation that has to get your people to an event or conference, a group charter service allows all of your staff members to arrive at the destination at the same time. Staff members appreciate this because they are not required to drive their own cars or risk getting lost along the way there.

Transport Your Employees Safely

This is reassuring for business owners and managers that want to know that their employees are being transported by a trusted coach hire in Sydney.

All charter buses have comfortable seats that recline for long rides, air-conditioning and heating units to keep your group comfortable, CD and DVD players for entertainment along the way and an on-board toilet for the comfort of passengers while they are enroute to their destination.

Hire Services for Weddings

When you want to leave the responsibility of driving to someone else, hire services make a lot of sense for everyone in your travel party. This is especially the case for people who are planning on celebrating. When you have a hired driver, they are insured and have logged thousands of miles so you can trust that you and your friends are in good hands.

Your driver can transport you and your wedding party to any number of great locations to take wedding photos or enjoy a pre-reception drink at your favourite pub.

Attend Special Events

This is also a good idea for large groups that are travelling to concerts, sporting events.

If you have ever driven to one of these places or events, the chances are good you already have an idea of how maddening it is to have to drive and find a parking spot at the arena. If you are unable to fit all of you friends into one vehicle, then you have to go in a caravan of two or three cars, which adds even more costs to the overall cost of attending the event.

When you use a coach hire, you can get dropped off at the entrance door at the same time, and no one has to worry about driving around finding parking. Collectively, the money you save on parking fees and gasoline for several vehicles is enough to cover the cost of the hire.

If enjoy drinking wine, hiring a coach service to take you to the local wineries saves you a lot of time and hassle getting lost searching for the entrance gates. Since these businesses have large vineyards, this job is left up to your driver.

Schedule Your Trip Early

No matter whether you need to schedule a coach for a school trip, business engagement or a social event, it is always a smart idea to book your trip as early as possible. As more and more people have discovered the value and convenience coach hire, they tend to get booked quickly.

Coaches can be hired for day trips, evening bookings or late-night travel. Coach hire reduces risks associated with using multiple cars and drivers for people to get to where they are going. This alone is worth the cost of hiring a professional coach for transportation services.

Top six beauty mistakes

Are you getting your make up wrong? Here are the top six make up sins for you to avoid.

Top six beauty mistakes

Put down your lip liner and step away from the mirror. That overdrawn mouth – along with war-paint blush and spidery lashes – has made the most-unwanted list.

Garish blush

“It’s that whole 80s contouring thing,” make-up artist Jenna Anton says. “People suck in their cheeks, make that fish face, and then put blush under their cheekbones. That’s the wrong place. Blush should be on the apples of the cheeks.” Beyond the placement faux pas, there are also colour blunders. “Blush should barely be seen,” make-up artist Jay Jay Rauwenhoff says. “It should be rosy or peachy on the face, not fuchsia circles.” Chronic blush abusers should stick to easily blended cream formulas.

The wrong base shade

It isn’t easy being green, but it’s even worse being burnt sienna when you’re really Celtic ivory. “Wrong foundation colour is probably the biggest mistake women make,” Conlon says. “Test the colour on the jawbone before going outside with a mirror to see how it looks in natural light.”

Bronze face, pale body

Make-up artist Dick Page calls it the “floating head”. To remedy the situation, “Dab cream bronzer along the collarbones, on the sides of the neck, and a bit on the boobs,” Page says.

Obvious lip liner

Lip liner is meant to be functional, not decorative. If your lipstick slips, feathers or bleeds, you need lip liner, “but use a pencil that matches your natural lip colour,” Burford says.

Spider-leg lashes

“It doesn’t matter what the look is on the catwalk, clumpy lashes are never in,” make-up artist Yolanda Lukowski says. To apply mascara, “wedge the brush right near the roots of the lashes and wiggle it back and forth before pulling outwards. Use a mascara comb right after application to remove any clumps.”

Make-up trowel

Foundation, especially powder, can become heavy, throwing every crease and wrinkle into relief. “You look younger with less coverage, so wear as sheer a foundation as you can,” Lukowski says.

The 7 sins can be good for you

Vice can be nice! Sarah Marinos explains why greed, lust and the rest aren’t all bad.

The 7 deadly sins can be good for you

Since Pope Gregory created his deadliest sins short list in AD590, lust, sloth, gluttony, anger, envy, greed and pride have received bad press – unfairly, according to Dr Simon Laham, a research fellow in psychological sciences at the University of Melbourne and author of The Joy Of Sin (Constable). “For a long time we’ve been told  these things are uniformly bad and if we commit these sins we’re going straight to hell,” he says. “But they are more complex than we think – and they can be good for us.”

1. Lust

If you are lustful, you are probably good at details and problem solving. Lust improves our focus and attention and so helps us break down a problem and work through it logically. Laham says research has also shown we are more helpful when we are lustful. When men and women in a laboratory were asked to volunteer or to help a stranger, those lulled into a lustful state were more giving. “We increase our attractiveness to potential mates by appearing agreeable and generous,” Laham says. “So when we’re aroused we play up these qualities.”

2. Gluttony

Research shows people who are dieting are worse at problem solving. “This may be because dieters are preoccupied with food-related thoughts,” Laham says. “Or it may be simply that glucose replenishes our resources so we function better.”

People who don’t eat well are less generous. “Bring people into a laboratory, give some a piece of cake and leave the rest hungry and then ask them to donate to charity. The people who’ve eaten donate more,” Laham says. Rewards like food and money are processed by similar parts of the brain. If you’re hungry you not only crave food, you’ll hold onto your money.”

3. Greed

Who says money can’t buy happiness? “Money can make you happier if you spend it on experiences rather than possessions,” Laham says. “Experiences are often social and social relationships are important for happiness. Experiences also age well. You are left with the memory and can reinterpret that through rose-coloured glasses.”

Research by psychologist Kathleen Vohs found even thinking about money can also help us resist pain. Vohs asked people to count stacks of banknotes or to count banknote-shaped pieces of paper. After this their hands were plunged into a bucket of hot water. “The people who counted real banknotes felt less pain,” Laham says. “So it may be that thinking about money gives us a sense of being invulnerable.”

4. Sloth

Sleep is perhaps the ultimate slothful state. “But sleep improves our memory and ability to recall information,”
Laham says. “Experiences during the day are consolidated and formed into a network in our minds and this facilitates memory and insight.”

California State University researchers also found the slower our lifestyle, the more helpful we are. Why? Laham says “psychological overload” makes us blinkered. “We put on blinkers to remove distractions and to cope,” he says. “When we slow down we notice more and look beyond ourselves.”

5. Envy

“Most people think comparing ourselves with someone better off makes us feel bad, but it can boost mood, self-image and performance,” Laham says. “One study in Canada asked fledgling schoolteachers to compare themselves to an experienced, award-winning teacher. They read a newspaper article about this woman – a target of envy. The young teachers were then asked about themselves and were more likely to see themselves as intelligent and talented – like the teacher they’d just read about.”

Envy can also make us feel success is attainable. “A high performer can teach us how something is done and may change our expectations of what can be achieved,” Laham says.

6. Pride

“Encourage people to feel proud of themselves by telling them that they’ve done well at a task and then give them another task to do, and the proud persist longer at that task,” Laham says. “Pride induces a sense of control and the more you feel in control of what is happening, the more you are likely to act and persist in that situation because you feel more effective.” And, contrary to what you might believe, proud people are liked.

“If you’ve worked hard and put in effort and feel proud, people like that. It’s authentic pride,” he says. “But if your pride is based on arrogance – it’s narcissistic – that gives pride a bad name.”

7. Anger

Research from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel gave people a series of puzzles and told them the puzzles could be solved once a single rule had been worked out. In fact, the puzzles were unsolvable, but researchers wanted to study the reactions of the group. Some became dejected – and gave up. Others became angry. When the same people were given a second task, the angry people persisted and were more likely to solve the problem than the dejected group. “Anger can motivate, increase perseverance and help us face obstacles,” Laham says. “Angry people may also be regarded as more competent. Outward expressions of anger such as a serious facial expression can signal toughness and dominance. So you may be more likely to succeed with people because your expressions suggest you’re tough-minded.”

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